Our Team

Meet Our Senior Team:

Linda Calabrese

Senior Vice President of Operations, Responsive Management Inc.

Email: linda.calabrese@responsivemanagement.ca

Tel: 416-479-4345 ext. 226

Nicole Richard

Nicole Richard

Executive Director

Email: nicole.richard@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 140

Hannah Barcarlos

Hannah Barcarlos

Director of Care

Email: hannah.barcarlos@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 113

Meet The Rest Of Our Team:

Angel Baculio

Angel Baculio

Assistant Director of Care

Email: angel.baculio@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 176

Prab Tatla

Prab Tatla

Assistant Director of Care

Email: prabhjot.tatla@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000

Sabrina Narvaez

Sabrina Narvaez

Clinical Director of Care Infection Prevention and Control Lead

Email: sabrina.narvaez@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 115

Nadine Roomes

Nadine Roomes

Business Office Manager

Email: nadine.roomes@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 112

Steve Clarke

Food Services Manager

Email: steve.clarke@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 139

Maridula Maridula

Environmental Service Manager

Email: m.maridula@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 133

Muhammad Nathoo

Programs Manager

Email: muhammadjawad.nathoo@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 132

Anabelle Manuel

Anabelle Manuel

Social Worker

Email: anabelle.manuel@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 138

Danilo Rivera

Quality Improvement Coordinator

Email: danilo.rivera@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 159

Akela Griffith

Akela Griffith

Social Services Coordinator

Email: akela.griffith@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 135

Luvilyn Papayonan

Luvilyn Pagayonan

Staff Development Coordinator

Email: luvilyn.pagayonan@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 170

Mitchell Cawley

Mitchell Cawley

Employee Engagement Specialist

Email: mitchell.cawley@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 136

Isabel Venturanza

Clinical Practice Coordinator

Email: isabel.venturanza@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 155

Sherese Reid

Staffing Coordinator

Email: sherese.reid@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000

Selene Pancho

Behavioural Supports Manager

Email: selene.pancho@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000

Eli Korica

Interim Programs Manager

Email: eli.korica@eatonvillecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-621-8000 ext. 158